Difference between men’s and women’s jeans

Both men and women love jeans, but is there a difference between men’s and women’s jeans considering that they are typically made in the same way by many manufacturers of unisex jeans?

Every so often there is often a slight distinction between them and the most glaring one is how the pants are sized and fit.

It’s evident, those female jeans are more snuggly especially around the hips and thighs, whereas the male jeans are more loosely.

Additionally, the materials meant for women’s jeans are usually thin and stretchy unlike that of men.  Men’s and women’s jeans have other differences like pockets, belt loops, and seams that most of us don’t know of. 

Let’s see more about the difference between female and male jeans to help you get your perfect fit. 

Difference between men’s and women’s jeans

The inseam

Checking the difference between men’s and women’s jeans by using the inseam is a failsafe method to use. The inseam is on the inside of the leg of the pair of jeans.

Men’s jeans tend to have a shorter inseam while women’s jeans have a longer inseam. 

The reason is that women’s jeans are designed to be worn with heels while men’s jeans aim to create more room around the crotch.

Check the cuts

Designers aim to have cuts for men and women to fit their style and specification.

Women’s jeans are designed to have more precise cuts to fit and embellish females’ body shapes some are tighter especially, around the seating region, to raise that part of the anatomy. 

Furthermore, women’s jeans have tapered legs cut to show ankles. However, the cuts vary there are more slimmed designs, relaxed or baggy it just depends on your taste.

But for most men’s jeans, the leg cut is straighter.

Giving more emphasis to curves and slenderness females’ jeans tender to be narrower than men’s denim. so next you go shopping for jeans, check the hem and cuts the guy has wider than females.

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Pockets on the jeans

The aims of men’s jeans are functionality and practicality designed for work and social occasions, unlike women’s jeans style has taken the front seat, they are considered to have a feature that makes women look thinner.

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This is the reason why many women’s jeans have fewer pockets while men have pockets big enough to carry wallets and other stuff.

The pockets are in various locations like thighs and knees

Buttons on the jeans

Buttons on denim will help to tell the difference between male and female jeans. the most important thing you should know about buttons on jeans is where are the buttons located and what side is the button on.

Women’s jeans may usually have more than one button, with the fly having buttons whereas men’s jeans only have zippers on the fly on top of a button.

In cases where both have only one button on top of the zipper, consider which side is the button.

Can men wear women’s jeans?

The men’s jeans have a button located on the right side in contrast to the women’s jeans which have the button located on the left side. 

The fabric

Despite being manufactured in the same process and having the same brand, men’s jeans and women’s jeans have different fabrics.

The fabric is a way of telling the difference between men’s and women’s jeans, men have their jeans stiffer while women have their jeans softer and stretchable akin to the soft cotton t-shirts.

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Can women wear men’s jeans?

I bet women have men’s jeans in their wardrobes, it is not uncommon for women to wear men’s jeans it is considered fashionable.

So yes, women can wear men’s jeans, but there as some things to keep in mind, for instant men’s jeans are cut differently than women’s pants and are meant to fit their bodies better.  

Still, if you are a woman and want to wear a man’s jeans there are ways to adjust to get them more comfortable and to your taste.

So go ahead and rock men’s jeans but be careful and look for one that makes you fit comfortably and is a perfect fit or you can make a few adjustments on the pair to fit your body type otherwise you will end up with a frumpy look and bulkier jeans.

Can men wear women’s jeans?

Fashion trends are dynamic and the question of whether men can wear women’s pants, especially jeans has been around for a long time.

The answer to this question is indefinite, it depends on a lot of factors.

So yes, men can wear women’s jeans but they should consider if they are comfortable in the pair some even feel self-conscious.

men can wear women’s jeans but if you don’t have a bag to carry your things it’s not suitable since they have insufficient pockets for men and if they are too tight around the thigh and the bottom, they may not be that comfortable considering the anatomy of the males.

How can you tell if jeans are men’s or women’s

With all the ‘blues’ in the market, it is very easy to get one for the opposite gender since sometimes the tags are not reliable. However, you can tell if jeans are men’s or women’s with these key differences.

  • Check the waistline, women’s jeans have their waistline lower and lower than men’s jeans.
  • Check the leg opening, women’s jeans have a narrower leg opening than that men’s
  • Check the waistband, women’s jeans have their waistband subtle aiming to give women a narrower look while that of men is more pronounced

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How to tell the difference between men’s and women’s jeans chart

Men’s and women’s jeans can easily be distinguished by their material and fit. The material of the men’s jeans is sturdy and designed for heavy work; the fit is slack to allow for effortless mobility.

It also includes roomy pockets for storage. Women’s jeans today are designed to stress style above utility and are thin, elastic, and have few or no pockets.

FeaturesMen’s jeansWomen’s jeans
ShapeThe jeans are straightThe jeans are tapered
  PocketsHas a lot of pockets that are big to store thingsHas little or no pockets
  FabricSoft, heavy, and sturdySoft and stretchy
  WaistlineIt’s bulkier with a lot of featuresAims to make the waist appear smaller
  The inseamIt’s shorterIts longer

When discussing the difference between men’s and women’s jeans, it’s frustrating that neither pair of jeans has a tag to identify it as being made for either gender.

As a result, to tell if a pair of jeans is men’s or women’s, look at the cuts, fabric, and color. Regardless of your gender, if the jeans are the perfect fit for you, go for them.


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