How to fix stretched-out jeans

Everyone has felt the sinking feeling of having their favorite jeans stretched out, the waist not fitting as perfectly as it used to, and the loose feeling around the knee making it a total bummer.

Luckily there are ways how to fix stretched-out jeans.

It is frustrating to have your jeans too stretched out of their original shape but instead of getting rid of that lovely pair of jeans and wasting time and money to find a new one, you can snap them back to their original size and the secret is simple just heat.  

Keep reading to get the right way to maximumly shrink your jeans.

How to fix stretched-out jeans

1. Washing and drying at max temperature

The majority of us are wary of drying items in hot temperatures due to shrinkage. So, if you want to shrink your denim, think about asking your dry cleaner for assistance.

Otherwise, if you have the necessary equipment, you may do this quickly and easily at home. All you have to do is use the heavy-duty press cycle and turn up the heat setting of your washer.

The fabric will then get stiffer while shrinking with the addition of fabric softener.

Although this is a short-term solution, it works. For a pro tip to prevent fading, turn the pair of jeans you wish to shrink inside out.

2. Consider boiling

This process operates on the same theory as a washing machine. The jeans should be boiled for 20 to 30 minutes after being placed in a pot of boiling water.

After boiling, dry the pants at a higher temperature for optimal results. Due to the easiness with which hot water causes cotton jeans to easily shrink, boiling your trousers is efficient and quicker.

How to shrink jeans permanently

There are various quick and simple techniques to permanently shrink your jeans, however, we’ll divide them into two main categories: the DIY method and the tailored method.

The DIY methods are inexpensive and simple; fortunately, cotton denim makes them easier, but they do not permanently shrink the jeans.

After using the homemade approach, your jeans will naturally mold and stretch once again. While the customized method is a wonderful option if you want to permanently shrink your jeans, it also has the potential to shrink just a portion or complete pair of jeans.

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How much will jeans shrink in hot water?

According to experts, your jeans will probably shrink by 7 to 10% after washing them in warm water. The fabric of your jeans and the dryer and washer’s temperatures, however, will determine how much they shrink.

When cotton is tightly woven, it will shrink more than when cotton is loosely woven. This is because cotton shrinks more than synthetic fibers do due to the former’s high sensitivity to moisture and heat, which causes the fabric to constrict. However, the jeans will shrink more, the hotter the water gets.

Although hot water will successfully shrink your jeans, the shrinkage will be inconsistent in length and width, making the jeans fit poorly.

Additionally, keep in mind that hot water causes your denim’s color to fade more quickly.

Do jeans shrink in cold water?

Your jeans won’t shrink in cold water, but they will in warm water, and the warmer the water, the more your jeans will shrink.

You may have observed that wet jeans tend to look bulkier than dried jeans because cold water will keep the jeans from shrinking.

Some people even go so far as to put on wet jeans to stretch them. As a result of being tugged, twisted, and stressed, the fibers in your jeans have shrunk.

Washing them in cold water relaxes the strands, restoring them to their pre-shrunk state.

Cold water does not shorten the fibers of your jeans; rather, it helps to retain their length.

Although it is challenging to pinpoint a certain temperature that may cause shrinking, it depends on the jeans’ substance.

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How to shrink jeans without washing

It is ineffective to shrink jeans by hand-washing them, and it can be challenging to shrink your favorite “blue” by machine-washing.

Might start to consider ways to shrink jeans without washing them. Boiling your jeans is the greatest technique to make them fit without washing them.

You’ll need a sizable stainless steel cooking pot, which should be 3/4 full of water. Immerse the jeans after bringing the water to a boil.

You can place the portion of the cloth you want to shrink in the water, locate a place to rest the remaining fabric, cover the pot, and simmer the mixture for 20 minutes.

Although it may sound dramatic, your pants won’t “bleed” if you don’t add any detergent to the boiling water.

Take the jeans out of the pot and let them dry in the sun or use an iron to hasten the drying process. You will have jeans that perfectly fit your body’s curves.

How to shrink jeans with spandex

The most crucial factor when thinking about shrinking your jeans is the fabric.

The majority of jeans are made of heavy, robust pure cotton, but over time, denim manufacturers have worked to add softer elements like spandex to make pants more comfortable and enhance fitting characteristics.

Stretch jeans with spandex will be harmed in high temperatures since the material is thermoplastic, causing the material to permanently lose elasticity or have melted spots, unlike cotton jeans, which can easily be shrunk by using boiling water.

So how can you stretch-shrink jeans without causing them any harm?

Bathing in your jeans is the best way to carefully shrink and mold them to your preferences. It seems strange and unsettling, but it works.

Jeans will adapt to your body shape if you take 10-minute hot water soak in them. Put on your jeans and sit in a hot pool of water while you wait for the water to cool off.

When the pants have stopped soaking, get up from your mat and wait. You can wander around or sleep in the sun while it’s warm outside until the jean is dry.

If the weather isn’t right, carefully remove the jeans without putting any strain on them and let them air dry.

Bear in mind that beyond a certain temperature, spandex will permanently lose its elasticity.

Since you now know how to fix stretched-out jeans, don’t discard them because they are too big. Wash and wear have always robbed us of our favorite pants that provided us with a faltering fit.

Your favorite antique denim will look brand-new if you use the boiling method plus the washer/dryer method.


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