Starched Jeans vs. unstarched

Any novice to researching jeans has found the choice between starched and unstarched jeans to be bewildering. Textile modification is nothing new; it has existed for a very long time.

Starching clothes is an ancient method of cloth modification that has persisted into the present era. Did you know that people have been starching their clothes since the 1500s? surprised!

Starched jeans vs. unstarched confusion once plagued me, too, but thanks to extensive research, I now know which one is best for me.

By providing you with a more thorough explanation of starched and unstarched jeans, this article aims to get you started on the right foot.

What are starched jeans?

To start this the right way let’s understand what are starched jeans, I know the term starch can be confusing [ it does not involve eating], But the same starchy food like potatoes, corn, or wheat are the ones used in the process.

Starching jeans is the act of adding starch to jeans. Starching jeans is commonly done by using a liquid starch spray. The starching process is simple and easy it can be done at home.

To have starched jeans, place the pair of jeans in a washing machine then the liquid starch is added or the traditional way, the starchy material is boiled and the water would be used to wash the jeans let them dry then iron them.

Today laundry starch is also in aerosol cans and the recipes to formulate a starch liquid are all over the internet.  Starched jeans are meant for the jeans to have a more professional look, reducing limpness by giving them more structure and keeping them wrinkle free

Are starched jeans comfortable?

Is being rigid as a board a good thing? The purpose of starching your jeans is to make them stiffer and more durable, yet something as stiff as a board is not pleasant.

With their ability to remove wrinkles and look formal—some have even dubbed them a “western tuxedo”—starched jeans quickly went from being seen as nerdy to an essential component of western chic.

However, they are not the most comfortable jeans, especially when starching them excessively and making them too stiff.

Starching a pair of jeans will indeed make them less comfortable, but the degree of discomfort depends on how heavily the pants are starched.

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Why starch jeans?

Why go for starch jeans if they’re not all that comfortable? Imagine not having to be concerned about stains on your jeans.

Starching jeans serve a variety of purposes, but maintaining cleanliness is the most crucial one. To create a barrier against dirt and debris, the starch combines with the woven fabric.

Everyone dislikes wrinkles on their pants, so let’s talk about them. Fortunately, we starch our jeans for this very reason; starch penetrates the fabric, making it stronger and less likely to wrinkle.

In addition to being more aesthetically pleasing, starched jeans are now far more appropriate for formal settings.

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 Why do cowboys starch their jeans?

The daily labor at the ranch is challenging. Due to their busy schedules, cowboys and cowgirls won’t have time to dry clean their clothing. You need something sturdy to do this labor, but more significantly, you need something simple to clean.

 Why do cowboys starch their jeans?

Let’s find out more about why cowboys adore starched jeans. Some claim that you can slide with it through the mud and then let it dry and the dirt will easily rub off.

1. Wrinkle free

Ever come across a cowboy with scrunched-up jeans? Never, correct? Jeans are a pleasant choice for workplace attire, but they will wrinkle if worn while saddled.

Non-starched pants are likely to wrinkle since cowboys spend more time in the saddle.

2. Stain-free

A cowboy’s life includes dirt and perspiration since he spends much of his time in the direct sun.

As we have mentioned, starched jeans are simpler to clean, saving the cowboys’ time-consuming excursions to the dry cleaners.

Wearing pants twice or three times is advantageous for a busy cowboy since the starch acts as a barrier against severe stains.

3. Giving the jeans more structure

Consider operating other farm tasks while wearing baggy pants when riding a horse, taking care of them, and riding.

It is difficult since pants will obstruct cowboys’ ability to carry out their daily activities.

That’s why you’ll always find cowboys wearing their signature boots and hats together with sharp, tailored denim.

The crisped fit is typically caused by starching, which gives them an ideal structure and superior fit.

Starched jeans vs. unstarched

QualitiesStarched jeansUnstarched jeans
CleaningCleaning starched jeans is a breeze since the starch impregnates the fabric strands and creates a barrier against dirt and grime, making them more stain-resistant.You will require dry-cleaning services for unstarched jeans. Cleansing these jeans is a challenge.
Comfort  Because of their stiffness and roughness, starched jeans are less comfortable and can irritate skin slightly.Starching jeans will alter the fabric, which is contrary to their intended purpose of comfort.
  ExpenseYour starched pants are a little pricey when it comes to costs. For every pair of pants you own, you will need the starch spray every day.With unstarched jeans, the only expenditure you’ll incur is for dry cleaning.
LooksThe starch provides the pants more structure so that it doesn’t wrinkle as easily, and it also makes the jeans look tidy and clean and fit exactly.

But starch will cause your pants to leech, making your jeans appear faded.  
It might look beautiful, but it might not be as appropriate for a formal setting as starched jeans because they crease quickly.

The upside is that because there are no chemicals in your jeans, they will keep their color.
StenchStarched jeans stink, and you will end up having ‘smelly pants’Unstarched jeans do not smell if you maintain them properly.
DurabilityStarched jeans are stiff but not durable. The starch spray tampers with the fabric’s strength making it weakThe unstarched is durable, but the starching makes jeans weak with the chemical infusion causing deterioration of the fabric

Deciding between starched jeans vs. unstarched is difficult, so after spending a considerable amount of time reading blogs and articles, I have come to the conclusion that both starched and unstarched jeans have advantages and disadvantages, and the decision ultimately comes down to personal preference.

Although starching your jeans will make them more crease-free and durable, they will also be at their best for any outing occasion if you decide to go for this step.


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